Interactive experiences
that make a difference

We are forward-thinking designers and engineers who work in tandem to create reliable and scalable products. Our work starts with a simple “why?” and follows a tailor-made process, involving both reason and intuition. We help our customers achieve online advantage through digital technology that enables standardisation, increases operational effectiveness and reduces costs.


Strategic Planning

We love to build experiences that stand out and capture an audience but everything we do needs to get the results you want. A great idea begins with a solid strategy based on the entire picture and an honest opinion. By understanding your audience, market and objectives, our strategists then identify actionable opportunities, prioritised by value, effort and risk.

Here're some of what we offer when it comes to strategy and planning.


Creative & Design

With a foundational strategy, our creatives make smart, striking and intuitive experiences that engage your customer.

We look to solve real problems and tackle large issues that require nuanced and delicate solutions, built on solid platforms that will last many years. We have a love for stripping away the unnecessary and drawing out the essential, resulting in authentic, elegant user experiences. Simplicity is the most challenging design solution possible, and one we always strive for.

Our creative and design services include the following:


Technology & Code

BinaryFold4 delivers ‘technology agnostic’ solutions. We recommend platforms based entirely on their suitability for the project.

We offer enterprise architecture and infrastructure consultancy, and have delivered a wide range of robust cloud options for major clients, as well as our own fully managed solutions.


Social & Content Creation

The reach of digital platforms is vast and the opportunities to communicate and engage audiences is ever growing. Brands don’t talk at consumers anymore but with them. Our social and content services ensures you share and engage with the right people and earn yourself some great advocates.

Here's how we can help get your content working hard for you.


Data & Analytics

The work doesn’t finish after launch day. Even the best work means little if it’s not tracked, optimised and informing your next success. So we don’t just collect data, we figure out why aspects performed the way it did.

Here are some of the ways we can ensure you're collecting, measuring and distributing the right data.