The value of knowledge sharing

At BinaryFold4 I am lucky enough to be regularly amazed by the great work and enthusiasm of my colleagues. We have an unpretentious work environment where people openly share ideas and techniques. Therefore, it made perfect sense for us to set up a framework which enables us to learn from each other in a more efficient way. We call it “Skillshare".

In house knowledge sharing

Simply put, ‘Skillshare’ is an initiative to help people share their knowledge and experience with others in the studio. By establishing structure around teaching and learning from each other, and pushing people to share their expertise, we’re trying to create an even more social and open sharing environment where both the business and the individuals can benefit.

We collect ideas and topics on what people want to learn or teach and we set up a session – workshops, Q&As or show-and-tell.

A chance to exchange ideas

People who work on different projects get a chance to meet-up in a more creative space, instead of only seeing each other in the kitchen making coffee.

New skills and perspectives

It gives people the opportunity to learn something that may be outside of the skills required for their daily work. This is extremely valuable because it only takes a small insight to inspire someone to think differently about how they might tackle the next thing they do.

Cost effective training

Sharing knowledge internally helps your company save money on training costs. Sending three people to a conference can be expensive.

If you’re really into a specific topic, it only takes a small effort for you to inspire people to think differently.

Public speaking and confidence

Positive side effects of delivering a Skillshare session are that you’re building your confidence and practising in delivering a message. This is valuable when working with clients and selling great ideas.

Energising motivator

When you’ve been working on the same project or with the same client for a long period of time the learning and personal development rate can suffer. Getting your brain into a different creative space gives you a much-needed invigorator that re-energizes and boosts motivation levels.