Transforming business through design and engagement

BinaryFold4 is a digital product agency with studios in Derby. Founded in 2010, we are independently owned and creatively motivated.

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A new home for ercol




Areas of focus


Supercharging startups

BinaryFold4 partners with companies of all sizes to design, build, and grow their products. Together we solve big challenges with the right process. Our solutions start with design sprints and end with fully implemented products and platforms.

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"BinaryFold4 is more to us than a design studio, they’ve been a partner in the growth of our brand"


We specialise in web and mobile products

We are small and flexible, yet experienced — and we work closely with our clients throughout the design process.

We helped Ercol, design and build their website - as well as create an overarching design framework and style guide.

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A culture of innovation

BinaryFold4 is designed to be a place for doing meaningful work. Our close and firmly integrated team is dedicated to building great products. Send us something that you’re proud of and we’ll be in touch.

Introducing GOBY, our Digital publishing solution.