Launching brands, products, campaigns and interactive experiences we pair high-end creative services with smart technology solutions.

We specialise in crafting bespoke, responsive, mobile friendly websites using the best of digital to deliver on your strategic objectives.

Using responsive design, we build websites with layouts that shift according the screen or browser they’re viewed on. Our focus on the user is key, and guarantees that the right message and experience is provided across all devices. We help you make the most of mobile traffic now, and ensure that your site is as future-proof as possible.

Website Strategy

Website Strategy

Defining and analysing aims and objectives to provide recommended direction on technical, design and UX application.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design

Visuals conceptualising interaction design, graphics and information architecture ensuring that the interface communicates the user path.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Focusing on interaction, user pathways, and UI specifications we communicate scenarios and end-to-end experiences.

Content Management

Content Management

Powerful, flexible and easy to use systems to administer and structure your website content efficiently. 

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Our websites work seamlessly across all devices in order to provide the best possible user experience.

An intuitive Content management System

We provide a single place to create, maintain and publish your content.

Our CMS handles huge sites and publishes global content. But it is also easy to use, and simple to manage. Built on a scalable architecture, we can deliver content through multiple channels formatted for any device.

Building upon a solid Concrete5 foundation, BinaryFold4 has the experience and expertise to create a truly bespoke website for each individual project, including diverse add-ons to address every client need.

Our clients love Concrete5. It provides them with an elegant user experience and an unrivalled sense of ownership over their content.



Key Features

    WYSIWYG Page Editing

    Anyone who has used even simple word processing tools will find the editor to be easy to use and intuitive. You see a styled preview of your content when editing pages, then you can see exactly what will be published when you preview.

    Ease of Editing

    Pages are constructed of editable ‘Areas’ that contain ‘Blocks’. ‘Blocks’ are the foundation of the site and may contain interactive functionality, an image, textual content, a gallery or any other type of presentation required.

    Any number of Blocks can be added to an Area, allowing for a greater range of design flexibility and reducing the overall number of templates required. Blocks can be moved around between areas and reordered at any point, giving you even greater flexibility.

    Stay in Control

    Permissions can be defined very finely, down to specific regions on a single page, or as broad as those under a particular page. Permissions are associated with user groups, of which you can define as many as you need.

    Restrictions on who is able to publish changes is also possible, as are restrictions on when content is viewable. This allows you great power in allowing people to contribute, but empowering you to control and monitor the overall site output.

    Keep Organised

    Images and documents are maintained in a single library where they can be organised into sets and tagged with terms to make selection and administration easy.

    Images are resized by the system to the appropriate size when they are added into the pages, reducing the need to have image editing software available and making re-use of images across the site easy. Basic image editing facilities are built into the CMS, allowing users with no access to image editing software on their computers the ability to make basic alterations.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Meta title, description and keywords can be added for each individual page. We also recommend the use of OpenGraph tags to ensure that any content shared via social media is represented and understood in its best light. OpenGraph tags are the foundation of how systems like Facebook seek to understand what a web page is about and how to summarise and display it.

    Pages can have custom URLs that are distinct from their page title and/or position in the site's structure. Additional URLs can be added, so that old links are correctly forward to the new URL.

    No Limits

    Our team has a vast amount of experience extending Concrete5 to talk to third-party systems such as Spektrix, Facebook and Campaign Monitor.  We also create fully bespoke systems tailored exactly to your needs whether it be a stockist locator, an activity search or a fully manageable product maintenance system.

    Content Management System

    Concrete5 is written in PHP and runs in conjunction with a MySQL database, ideally on a Linux platform. It is an Open Source product, rapidly growing in popularity due to its ease of use, intuitiveness and ease of extensibility.

    Concrete5 Experts

    Why Choose Concrete5?

    Concrete5 is an Open Source foundation. The Concrete5 codebase is 100% open, transparent, and extensible. As a product, Concrete5 is supported by a team of committed developers and technical support specialists. We’re biased, but when it comes to CMS, Concrete5 is the best we have worked with, and we have tried many.

    Client Development

    Get in touch if you’re looking for an agile committed team for your website project. We work with companies of all sizes, to help build successful CMS solutions to achieve their goals. Our experience with Concrete5 makes the setup and execution of projects fast and efficient. Our tailored approach to website development will help you in delivering your conversion goals.

    Agency Partnership

    If you don’t need the research, strategy and design development, and you’re simply looking for a team of developers to build the site you’ve already designed, we would be pleased to be of service. We love teaming up with other companies or agencies to help complete their projects and bring their designs to life.




    We're Experienced and Here to Help

    We know Concrete5 inside and out. We have end-to-end experience with planning website architecture, maintenance and support, deployment strategies, and performance analysis. If you need guidance for your Concrete5 project, we can help.

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